2015 Year-end Update

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Calendar 2015 marks the end of three years of involvement by Friends of the Pemi – Livermore Falls Chapter. This collaboration between the towns of Holderness, Campton and Plymouth, Plymouth Rotary, State of New Hampshire, PSU and many other interested organizations and individuals has shown the power of working together toward common goals. We are pleased to report on our progress in achieving the vision begun by Executive Councilor Ray Burton and defined by the community visioning sessions in 2014. While the accomplishments are notable, we are not done yet. This is a long term project and we will not be satisfied until this most recent of parks is recognized as providing the best recreation, education and environmental opportunities in the State.

During 2013, various clean-up days were organized and there were significant coordinating activities between the stakeholders. During 2014, two community visioning sessions were held to define the future potential of the area. Livermore Falls became a State park and responsibility was formally transferred from Fish and Game to the Department of Resources and Economic Development. Improvements included signage, picnic tables, grills and bike racks. Increased supervision by the Town of Holderness encouraged more family friendly use of the Holderness beach.   There was a notable decrease in summons by the police and over 5,000 visitors came to experience the river. Finally, we received a commitment from the State to use the $150,000 settlement with the Groton wind farm to further improve the Livermore Falls area.

During 2015, a full time attendant was provided by the State and a cultural resource study was completed. The final design for a new parking lot was approved with space for about 70 cars with a scheduled completion date by summer, 2016. Funding for the parking lot came from the State’s capital funds and the $150,000 noted above has been initially earmarked for improvements on the Campton side of the river. The Friends group developed a website to communicate its activities and to include information on historical, environmental and recreational values. Our volunteers hosted five events in Holderness which included education about the history and water quality as well as river safety rules. A volunteer greeter calendar was created to provide increased site presence and over 1,200 hours were devoted to these efforts.

In 2016, we will turn our attention to the Campton side of the river to include meetings with the Department of Environmental Services and the Department of Historic Resources. Our vision is for a scenic, historical and safe place to experience the beauty of Livermore Falls.

We encourage all residents of the surrounding communities to visit this sometimes unknown local natural resource gem. We also invite your participation with the Friends group to help achieve the vision set forth in 2014. For further information, please contact us at:


Friends of the Pemi – Livermore Falls Chapter on Facebook


Ken Evans at evanmead139@gmail.com

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