Rotary Meeting Presentation – February 18, 2015

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Meeting Minutes from the February 2015 Plymouth Rotary Meeting

Summary of successes during Summer 2014

  • Grills and picnic tables installed
  • Several beach cleanup days
  • Rotary/Friends barbeque celebration
  • Limited presence by the Friends group
  • Full time attendant provided by Holderness
  • Decrease in tickets and summons by Holderness PD
  • Noticeable change in the type of visitors, well over 5,000 visits to the Park in Holderness
  • Established a governance structure consisting of the following committees: executive, historical, recreational, environmental and communications
  • Received a commitment of $150,000 from the State resulting from a settlement with the Groton
    wind farm
  • Received and spent our Rotary grant funds and matching gifts – raised over $10,000 in donations
  • Significant Rotary participation in all Friends meetings and events

Important needs for improvement during Summer 2015

  • Full time attendant provided by the State (DRED)
  • Completion of resource study by a State consultant in February
  • Completion of an engineering study by a State consultant concerning the Campton side of the river
  • Final design and construction of a parking lot on the Holderness side of the river
  • Receive the $150,000 settlement promised by the State
  • Install bike rack
  • Develop content for a Livermore Falls website to include information on historical, environmental and
    recreation values
  • Additional fund raising for interpretive signage, events and new kiosks
  • One event per month beginning from May to September 2015 in Holderness
  • Develop a volunteer calendar to provide increases in site presence and some docent – like
    presentations on both sides of the river
  • Make strategic decisions about Campton side of the river and plan for improvements there
  • Hold a celebration event for the entire community to end the Summer season

Summary of our last Friends meeting

  • Excellent relationship with the State
  • Working on a memorandum of understanding for our Friends activities
  • Close to final design for the parking lot

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